What We Make

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company provides adult tobacco consumers with the highest quality products and is an innovation leader in the industry. The company makes many of the nation’s best-selling cigarette brands, including Newport, Camel, Pall Mall and Lucky Strike.

RJRT also distributes Camel Snus, a smoke-free tobacco product, and Eclipse, a product that works by primarily heating tobacco.

Alternative Tobacco Products

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company believes adult tobacco consumers deserve to understand their options and to have access to alternative tobacco products that may reduce harm.

Introduced nationally in 2009, Camel Snus contains premium tobacco that is pouched, smoke-free and spit-free. Available in six styles, Camel Snus comes in a unique metal tin that holds 15 pouches.

Eclipse is a product that primarily heats rather than burns tobacco through lighting a carbon tip. Heated air is drawn over tobacco to release an aerosol.