Our Vision and Mission

Transforming Tobacco

Our Vision: We will achieve market leadership by transforming the tobacco industry.

We will lead change in our industry by:

Visit www.ReynoldsAmerican.com for more information on the transforming tobacco strategy of Reynolds American Inc. and its subsidiaries, including R.J. Reynolds.

The tobacco industry is shaped by innumerable laws and regulations reflecting society’s policy choices. We believe that policies built around respect for the adult tobacco consumer’s ability to make informed choices are the best way to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes. We support policies that ensure adult tobacco consumers have a range of tobacco- and nicotine- based products to choose among and accurate information about the risks presented by different tobacco products. The adult tobacco consumer’s right to choose can be protected while we seek to ensure that youth make the right choice, and avoid tobacco entirely. We will continue to work with stakeholders to promote policies that transform tobacco.