Federal Oversight

Tobacco among the most highly regulated products in the nation

There is extensive regulation of the tobacco industry and the products it produces at every level of government. Perhaps no other product is regulated in so many ways, or by so many agencies, as tobacco products. Moreover, while regulation of consumer products is typically left to federal agencies, Congress itself has stepped in to oversee the tobacco industry in many areas.

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State & Local Regulation

Further regulation and restrictions

Federal regulation is just part of the story. State and local laws also dictate how and where tobacco products are sold, who can sell and use the products, and where they can be used. Thousands of municipalities across the United States currently have smoking restrictions in place, and many states have passed laws requiring cigarette makers to use fire-standards compliant (FSC) paper in their products.

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Tobacco Taxes & Payments

Generating tens of billions of dollars annually

Tobacco products are some of the most heavily taxed consumer products in the United States. Federal, state and local governments have a virtual monopoly on tobacco profits, collecting more money from the sale of tobacco than retailers, wholesalers, farmers and manufacturers combined.

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